Dental FAQ

How can I make an appointment?

It's very easy to book an appointment! Just give us a call at  403-954-2099. If you have an after hours dental emergency, please call 587-889-589. You can also email us (email address is at the bottom of the page). Alternatively, you can visit our clinic at 4-720 Centre Street NE in Langdon.

How much does a consultation cost?

The initial consultation to determine your needs is affordable. Please give us a call if you have any questions about the prices for procedures. Please note that we are happy to help you verify your benefits and understand your coverage in case you decide to proceed with our treatment plan. It's also important to note that we use the Current Alberta Fee Guide (with no additional markups).

I am scared of the dentist procedures. What should I do?

Dr. Natalia Selvanovskiy would be happy to explain in detail what you might need to get done before she does anything. We are focused on providing painless, guided and gentle care for our patients. We will do our best to make sure that you are comfotable in our office. You can also relax and enjoy watching movies during your dental appointment as our rooms are equipped with TVs on the ceiling for your convenience. 

Do you offer Insurance?

At Langdon Crossing Dental we are happy to help you verify your benefits and understand your coverage. We submit the claim to the insurance company as a courtesy for you and accept payment directly from insurance companies. The majority of claims can be processed electronically. If your insurance informs us of their payable portion at the time of service, you will be asked to pay any remaining balance. However, due to some privacy policies, some insurance companies cannot provide us any information about your coverage.

What's your cancellation policy?

We require 48 hours, or two full business days, notice to cancel or change an appointment you have made with us. If adequate notice is not given, there will be a missed appointment charge. Thank you for your consideration.

How often should I have a dental cleaning/dental exam?

Generally we recommend that you get your teeth cleaned and checked at least twice a year, though your dentist may recommend more frequent visits.  These appointments are essential in preventing future dental problems and maintaining the health of your teeth and gums. At these visits, your teeth are cleaned and checked for cavities and other issues. Additionally, there are many other things that are checked and monitored to help detect, prevent, and maintain your dental health.

Do I need to be referred by a doctor?

No, you don't need a referral from a doctor. You can just get in touch with us to set up an appointment. If you would like to transfer your file from another dental clinic to our dental clinic, it's also easy! You can fill out a form at our office and we will set up a transfer for you.

Does Dr. Selvanovskiy treat dental problems in children too?

Yes, Dr. Natalia Selvanovskiy has worked for many years with children (and adults), and is happy and confident to help your child feel better about their dentist appointment. Dr. Selvanovskiy has 2 children of her own and knows how challenging it can be when it comes to teaching kids about dental hygiene. We would be happy to help your child and make their visit as comfortable and painless as possible. 

Do you offer after-hours appointments?

Yes, in most cases, we can accommodate an after-hours/emergency appointment. If you have a dental emergency, please call 587-889-5894.



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